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Project Description

slimPASSWORDS is a free Windows Mobile application for managing your passwords. It uses strong 256bit AES encryption. It is compatible with slimKEYS (see the slimLAUNCH.Passwords project on CodePlex).

Why open up the sources?

Because we ask you to put your important information in the hands of slimPASSWORDS, we believe you should have the right to look at the sources. Also, slimPASSWORDS will always remain free to use. But we also think you should always make sure you trust the publisher of the binaries you install on your device. That's why we encourage people to install slimPASSWORDS from the Windows Mobile Marketplace, where the binaries have been tested by Microsoft, and the package digitally signed by Microsoft using a certificate issued to slimCODE Software Inc. for mobile devices.

Though the CAB file available here is also digitally signed with a certificate issued to slimCODE, its root certificate (Thawte) is not accepted by Windows Mobile devices. You still can install it on your device without fear, but you'll get a prompt asking you if you trust that unverified source.

Installing from the Windows Mobile Marketplace directly from your phone has another advantage. It will make sure you have the .NET Compact Framework 3.5 installed, which is required by slimPASSWORDS.

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